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AFTER THE FALL is a role play sim with a post-apocalyptic theme.

AFTER THE FALL has an elaborate interactive grungy city, with alien- and

vampire-themed role play. 

On the verge of economic collapse, with the world in a very vulnerable

place, astronomers predicted a season of frequent meteor showers.

What they didn’t predict was that the meteors held our doom...  Meteors

showered down from the skies bringing with them a dark menace.

Spider-like creatures emerged from the impact craters, decimating

everything in their sight. The spiders grew strong and established vast

breeding colonies.

The few survivors, struggling to survive, were stunned when gray-skinned humanoid aliens came as well. They had a purpose; they had been tracking the spiders across the galaxy and were hunting them down. Out of fear, the humans attacked the hunter aliens, not knowing who or what they were. But over time, some humans and hunters made contact and formed an alliance. Some humans wanted nothing to do with these new visitors and fought hard against them. Likewise, some of the hunters avoided contact with the humans, seeing us as just another lower life form. Clear factions formed (The Brotherhood, The Alliance, and The Hunters) and fighting between the groups ensued.

As the humans grew weary of the battles with the stronger aliens, a new threat appeared in the sky. An alien mothership came into view and hung in the air just over the city, instilling a new fear in the remaining residents. The aliens continued to reaffirm their mission as hunters and insisted the arrival of reinforcements was to help with spider eradication. However, since their arrival, the spider population has been growing, resulting in increasing suspicion.

As the war rages on, more residents become infected from a mysterious illness from spider bites. The infection lasts for a few weeks and kills many victims. Some however, do not die, and are rumored to have increased power following the infection and seem…different. As more humans become infected the rumors of a new power become clear to all. While the spider venom kills many, some survive and are physically changed. They are stronger than regular humans.

The Brotherhood seek to make a stand against the aliens, now as strong as they are. They know the aliens are not what they have professed to be and have evil intentions. As the humans fight the aliens, trying to rid them from the city, we learn of a new advantage. During battles some have touched the aliens and discover they form a empathic link, sensing more details of their plans.


We learn the aliens are most definitely not here to help kill the spiders. In fact, the hunter aliens sent the spiders here. The spiders were step 1 of their plans to eradicate the planet of life to help them take over, colonize, and keep all resources for themselves.

What does the future hold for humans? Many now seek out the spider bite to

become stronger. What does this mean for the human race? Will humans go

extinct and be replaced by something new? Is this our new evolution?


And so the story continues, and your story begins. Develop your character,

join a faction, and find your place in this world.

In addition to role play and combat, AFTER THE FALL features solo quests that

award prizes upon completion. Pick up a free quest HUD at the landing point.
Make sure you read the comic books available at
the landing point or here
on YouTube (GRAPHIC NOVEL). The graphic novels
provide the back story
for the game to get you started.

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